Gitxsan Development Corporation Gives Back

December 19, 2018

We as an integral community driven company feel that we need to be giving back to the community at large in many ways, not just at Christmas, but throughout the year in terms of sponsorships, the parade, the festivals and the many other community events that go on.  

Of particular note, is the great work that the Salvation Army people have been doing for years, providing much needed assistance in many forms to community members in need.  We are committed to supporting this great cause through the donation of much needed funds but also through the efforts of many of our employees that, year after year, have contributed by doing a toy drive during our Christmas Party where staff and invited guests are asked to bring a toy to donate to the Salvation Army and through the stuffing of the Christmas hampers that will be distributed by the Salvation Army people.  This is a testament to the community sprit that is Gitxsan.  

Merry Christmas everyone!